Dear Sailor,

Welcome to the worldwide family of North Sails customers!

It is our foremost priority to make sure that you are happy with our products. We build more sails, for more boats than any other Sailmaker in the world. We have more service outlets, more qualified staff, in more harbours, than all other sailmakers put together. The reason for this is you and your fellow North clients. As the end user of the sails we build, it is you and the enjoyment that you get from using North sails, that is most important to us. The continuing growth of North and the on-going investment we make into our business is because of you. It is now our responsibility to make sure that you get value from your investment.

Please Register your contact details and name and model of your yacht so that we can best serve your requirements. We will not share your information with anyone or any entity outside the North Sails family of sail lofts and service outlets. We take your privacy very seriously.

We hope your have many enjoyable times with you new sailboat. You know where to find us if we can help.

Good sailing.
Tom Whidden                                Ib Ussing Andersen
President North Marine Group          President North Sails Europe

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